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Pearl and Bead Restringing  

We string all pearls and beads, with or without knots, including multi strands. Pearls should be restrung every few years of occasional wear. Whether single or multiple strands, we meticulously string pearl necklaces and bracelets on silk. Knots are generally placed between each pearl to give beauty, definition and security, although pearls can be strung without knots.

Have your pearl necklace restrung when..
  1. The pearls move between the knots
  2. The knots are dirty
  3. It has been a few years since stringing

Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Stringing

Heavy beads or beads with sharp edges can cut through stringing wire. Sam’s Fine Jewelry carefully matches stringing material and color to give you longevity and the best look. From the basics to intricate multiple strands, we will restring your beaded bracelets and necklaces!