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Diamonds on Consignment

Sell your Diamonds on Consignment

At Sam's Fine Jewelry we Consign your diamonds, jewelry, and watches. Most of our consigned pieces sale within 60  to 90 days. If you've tried selling your diamond at all, you already know it's very hard to get much for your diamond selling it by yourself, but here is your opportunity to take advantage of selling your diamond in an upscale retail jewelry store.

At Sam's Fine Jewelry, we do that! We take loose diamonds over 3/4 carat, and we'll put it in our cases. When it sells, you get $$$! Your diamond will be put in our cases, surrounded by beautiful wedding sets and engagement rings, and you can change the price any time you want to. Ready to get started? Email us or call us today at 972-495-2521 to schedule a consultation.