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Seema has been very helpful in finding the perfect diamond and setting for my bride-to-be. She made the experience a good one and for that I am grateful.
- Mike N
Seema helped make our engagement a dream come true, from the initial stages of the daunting diamond shopping process to helping my boyfriend convince me the ring was not yet ready to keep everything a complete surprise, she was a joy to work with. The ring turned out more beautiful than even I expected and within hours of the proposal we had people stopping to comment on how beautiful the ring was. The only thing more amazing than the ring is the incredible fiance that has made all my dreams come true. Thank you Seema for guiding us through one of the most memorable and exciting times in our lives.
- Alex & Katie Kakhnovets
Where do I begin....!!?? Seema is such a joy to work with. She not only works her heart out to accomplish your mission but she enjoys the whole journey (or at least acts like she does!!) First began communicating with Seema on the phone about the setting that I wanted, which we had found on Sam's website. Then as we began to look locally and online for the center stone we fastly became overwhelmed with who and what certifications to trust. At the point of exhaustion Seema spoke 5 magical words "let me work for you" and that she did! She found our center stone and we drove four and a half hours to approve it! We were originally going to do everything thru shipping but because we were so smitten by her service we couldn't not to meet her and pick up the ring in person. And in return for our drive she made us wonderful reservations for a really special night's stay in the city!! Oh, and by the way....Sam....he is a "jewel" as well! He was so special in all his advice and guidance thru the selection and purchase of our center diamond. Seema, you have truly made a mark on our journey to marriage and our hearts. You are so special and have such a gift for service. Keep smiling and keep serving. You bless many lives in all that you do.
- Lynn & Sonia Hancock
Sam's Fine Jewelry was recommended to me and I couldn't be happier. Seema and the rest of the staff made the purchase easy and comfortable. They were very accomodating and helpful. I will now recommend them to my friends. Thank you for making everything so easy.
- David & Tricia Savage
I couldn't imagine purchasing jewelry anyplace else. Sam, Seema, and the entire staff are completely committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction. Brett and I will be customers for life.
- Brett & Hillary Hardi
Sam's Fine Jewelry is a great place to shop. The staff is wonderful and do everything possible to make you a satisfied customer. Sam and Seema are the best!
- Stephen Lash & Connie B.
Sam's Fine Jewelry is an amazing jewelry store after searching for a wedding band and a groom's ring for months-we walked in there and had both rings picked out in about 30 minutes. The staff is friendly, supportive and listens to your needs. I would recommened anyone fo to Sam's.
- Chris & Kristen F.
I am buying my wife a new wedding ring. She found "The One" at Sam's. She's looked everywhere and Sam's has everybody beat by AT LEAST $500. The staff is the best around, hands down. You won't find anyone more friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help anywhere else. Not once have I felt pressured into a sale. Seema and Heather know their stuff! Extremely satisfied, I will never purchase jewelry anywhere but Sam's.
- Jeremy & Christina P.
By far Sam's is the best jewelry store out there. They are all very friendly, and willing to help in any way possible! Before deciding on an engagement ring I figured we would pick one of the basic rings a chain jeweler had to offer, but Sam's made it possible for us to get a custom engagement ring!!! I could not be more satisfied!
- Aaron &
Sam's Fine Jewelry allowed my fiance to design and customize my ring. It turned out absolutely gorgeous, and ever since we have experienced wonderful customer service, Sam and Seema know you by name and are always very helpful. I highly recommend Sam's Fine Jewelry!
- Rodney & Lacey L.

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